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Economic Development Advisory Services
The Wadley-Donovan Group specializes exclusively in corporate location and economic development consulting. Both practices are international in scope. For more than 25 years we have advised large and small companies in nearly all industries on whether and where to relocate business operations. By virtue of this experience, we are keenly attuned to the trends that are shaping business location decisions in the early part of this decade. Furthermore, we understand the degree of importance that various industries place on specific locational factors. Additionally, WDG understands what businesses expect from local governments and retention/economic development agencies.

WDG evaluates numerous metropolitan areas and non metro counties for corporate clients each year. We are, therefore, familiar with the latest thinking in public policy as it pertains to job retention/generation strategies. WDG is also exposed to a variety of innovative and successful programs aimed at  entrepreneurship, small business, and military base reuse.

This first-hand knowledge of both corporate location decisionmaking and public and private economic development efforts is key to the design of competitively superior recruitment and retention strategies. Moreover, WDG's advice is pragmatic, creative, customized, and capable of withstanding the most rigorous logical test.

In some situations, WDG integrates specialized consulting expertise to offer highest quality service to our clients. Often this will involve tapping the resources of firms with which we have established long-term relationships. These best-of-class service providers include:
Alliance Partners Service
Younger Associates Market Research
Development Counsellors International Marketing strategy design/implementation
Whittaker & Associates Target company identification
NCDS Fundraising
Garnet Consulting Business park feasibility
SAIC Technology resource assessment


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